The best exercises for the press at home Universal complex for men and women

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Greetings, dear readers! The stomach is a problem area for many of us. It may be too round, as if “puffed up”, stick out, hang or have too dense fat. And the dream of millions – cubes or just a tightened tummy, remains a dream. In any case, if you do not work on this zone, the problem will be aggravated.

And the point here is not so much in plentiful food as in weak muscles. Instead of a neatly protruding tummy, you will get a huge “wineskin” that looks awful, pushes into complexes, and simply interferes with life!

What to do? Do not worry, there is a solution – these are exercises for the press at home that are quite suitable for beginners!

In this article we will give you 7 of the best exercises for the press, and an interesting bonus for those who will be engaged in a pair.

For a quality study of any muscle group, you need to use different exercises. The press is no exception. The main reason for the low rate of progression or lack of results is the lack of diversity in the training program and the use of the same movements. This leads to muscle adaptation and a decrease in response to stress, even with an increase in training volume. Proper alternation of the best exercises for the press can effectively complement the training program, ensuring maximum study of the entire abdominal zone.

The benefits of abdominal exercises

  • The formation of a beautiful posture. The developed abdominal muscles keep the body in the correct position. A bulging belly pulls the body down and spoils the posture.
  • Internal organs, especially the gastrointestinal tract, receive internal massage. No stagnation of blood in the internal organs.
  • For girls and women, as effective preparation for childbirth and the prevention of female diseases.
  • Men to increase potency and reduce the risk of prostatitis.
  • Trained abdominal muscles do not allow the stomach to stretch, which means they prevent overeating
  • The production of hormones of joy and the appearance of a feeling of satisfaction.
  • Increased internal self-esteem.

Learning to download the press without errors

The main mistakes in trying to pump up the press at home:

Many people with problematic tummies think that it’s enough to choose the right complex, buy a press wheel or a special simulator. And all – after a month or two, the perfect tummy from a dream to become a reality.

In fact, the terrible mistakes that almost all newcomers make in this matter prevent it from becoming a reality.

But we will tell you how to avoid them:

  • the main mistake is to do the same exercises for several months in a row, increasing only the number of repetitions – it is extremely important to change the exercises at least once a month, since the effectiveness of even the best goes to naught;
  • you pump the press only “upper” or “lower” – physiologically, the abdomen is not divided into these zones, it should be fully loaded, with various exercises;
  • you do not control the results and do not track the progress – create a notebook or online diary, write down your workouts, loads, results (in photos and centimeters);
  • do not work to exhaustion, your muscles can burn, but they should not hurt;
  • people who swing daily make a huge mistake, and do not give their muscles a chance to recover – it is better to do exercises every other day, this will be the optimal mode.
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Press exercises at home

The most effective exercises for the press at home, with your own weight. When training the press, you do not have to go to the gym or use exercise machines. The weight of one’s own body is enough to provide a sufficient level of load. Such press exercises are simple in execution technique and effective for pumping the target area.

Typically, newcomers with fear imagine hours of training in order to achieve a result. As a result, their desire to take care of themselves quickly runs out. But we offer you only seven exercises. In my opinion, these are the best exercises for the press at home, including for beginners. Moreover, they are quite suitable for both men and women (girls).

Such a complex of simple exercises (and not so) will take you from strength 15-20 minutes a day. In this case, the only thing you need is perseverance in conducting classes and a comfortable gymnastic mat. By the way, when I bought such a rug, my training began to bring me special satisfaction. It is always nice to use a good thing for an important business.

Therefore, if you have seriously decided to practice, I can recommend a suitable non-sliding rolled gymnastics mat by reference . But I prefer 5 cm thick folding mats . they are softer and their price is low, and they straighten well on the floor.

I think that such a special mat will be a good incentive for your further studies.

Classic twisting

Do them from the position of “hands behind your head, you are lying on your back, legs are bent, feet on the floor.” Tear your shoulder blades off the floor and make “twisting” movements, as if trying to reach the opposite knee with your elbow.

Breathe out – on every climb. Do 3 sets of 15 reps until a light “burning” appears at the top of the tummy.


From the same position, bring your hands closer to your feet, slightly raising the body. Try to focus on your press and its muscles, feel their work. It is advisable to do 2-3 sets of 15 repetitions.

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press exercises at home, scissors, picture

You lie on your back, legs are extended, on the floor, hands along the body, palms to the floor. Lift your straight legs above the floor and make crossing movements resembling the movements of scissors. Your lower back must press firmly against the floor, and your back should not bend.

If this happens, lift just above the leg, this will reduce the load on the back and lumbar region. Make scissors 20-30 times.


You lie on your back, legs bent at the knees and raised up. Do the twisting lower body, trying to raise above the legs and buttocks. Repeat 10-15 times. All you need to do 3 approaches.

Tossing legs

press exercises at home, shifting legs, picture

You again lie on your back, legs lift down, in a bent form. Then shift them left and right, 10 times. If you have no back problems, do the same with straight legs. You also need to do 3 approaches.

Elbow strap

The elbow strap is an excellent exercise not only for the abs, but also for the buttocks, back, arms, whole body! Lie face down, support – elbows and toes. Your back should be perfectly straight, your tummy inverted.

Hold the position for at least 30 seconds. Gradually increase the time to a minute. Do 3 sets.

Stretching from the bar

Pull the stomach out of the base bar and make a slide by pulling up the pelvis and lingering in it for 3 seconds. Return to the bar. Repeat 5 times.

Download the pair

If you have a partner who also dreams of a flat, toned tummy, do a paired abs exercise as well. His technique is quite simple. Sit on the mat opposite each other, bend your knees and lift above the floor, at a right angle.

Your feet should be touching. T inhale, pull your knees toward you, while exhaling, touch the feet of your partner. Intriguing, right? Do 3 sets of 10-15 times.

The ideal completion of such a complex would be stretching exercises , or hanging on the horizontal bar .

Who is not allowed

The list of contraindications to these exercises includes:

  • pregnancy;
  • diastasis of the abdominal muscles ;
  • protrusions in the back;
  • oncological diseases;
  • acute inflammatory diseases;
  • high body temperature;
  • previous back injuries.

Important additions for beginners to download the press

In order for the abs cubes to be clearly visible, you need to perform cardio training in addition to the strength exercises described above.

This can be running , jumping ordinary and with a rope , intense swings. Then you will not leave any chance to your fat in the lower abdomen.

I must say that in one training session you can pump all the abs muscles.

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You will achieve exactly this effect by performing all the press exercises offered here and even at home.

  1. It is very important to be always attentive to yourself and your body. Do not forget to take a break between sets of 10-20 seconds.
  2. Be sure to monitor the condition of your lower back: with proper exercise, there should be no feeling of fatigue or obvious discomfort.
  3. It often happens that students “go too far” in their fanatical desire to pump up the press and remove the stomach and sides. In addition, they sit on a fierce diet: they completely remove fats from the diet, minimize the amount of carbohydrates, and exclude most of your favorite dishes.

Short-term results from such diets will be, and fat from the waist will go off with a bang. But! When returning to a normal diet, he will return again, even faster.

Therefore, it is extremely important to balance your diet, and eat properly all the time. Concessions in the form of fatty, favorite dishes are acceptable, but only sometimes!

If you have seriously decided to practice, I can recommend a suitable non-sliding roll-up gymnastic mat according to the link, up to 2 cm thick. It now has favorable conditions for a 30% discount + new user coupon up to 01.01.20 and free shipping). But I prefer 5 cm thick folding mats . (18% discount + new user coupon up to 01.01.20 and free shipping) they are softer and their price is low, and they straighten well on the floor. This is exactly what I have.

I think that such a special mat will be a good incentive for your further studies. Because I know from my own experience, if I paid for a thing, then I will definitely use it, i.e. to do.

Life example

My former classmate and current friend Zhenya in childhood was chubby, and had the nickname “Donut”. Then he matured and lost weight, but the sticking tummy remained with him, and very upset his owner. Fortunately, Zhenya successfully married a very athletic woman.

It was she who introduced him to home training and proper nutrition!

As a result, six months later after intensive home training, Eugene became the happy owner of a powerful press, which we also wish you!

Exercise , do not be lazy , and remember – with regular training and proper nutrition, your stomach, sides and waist will gradually decrease, and your abdominal muscles will strengthen. As a result, over time, the long-awaited “cubes” will appear!

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