Muscles working when pulling up with different grip

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So, recently we have already discussed with you which exercises are useful for strengthening the back. Therefore, today I want to return to the topic of sports. Meanwhile, I would like to dwell on one of the exercises, which was already mentioned earlier. Namely – on pulling up.

For example, it was talked about as useful for the spine. But this is not the end of the horizontal bar. Since several classes of muscles are involved in it, not only the back, but also the arms. And I want to tell you more about this. The topic of today’s conversation will be the muscles working when pulling up.

The benefits of pull-ups


pulling a woman with a direct grip on the horizontal bar photo

First of all, pull-ups are useful for the back. They make the spine even and straight.

Of course, it cannot be completely direct. Anatomy involves a slightly curved shape, and some bends to the side are also acceptable.

On the spine is a big load, because it is the axis of the whole organism. In order to withstand this load, it is created flexible.

Vis on the horizontal bar allows you to relax the spine and forms a beautiful, even posture. This exercise is especially useful for those who are used to slouching. Or forced to spend long hours in this position during the day.

Some more seriously believe that these exercises can help increase growth by several centimeters. But this is not true, do not believe idle gossip. Human growth depends entirely on other factors. If it is over, then the spine cannot be stretched by anything other than surgical intervention. So do not risk your health!

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The horizontal bar helps to build muscle back. As a result, you get a beautiful, embossed back. This will positively affect your figure – it will acquire a healthy, athletic look.


Most of all pull-ups help to build up arms. Due to the fact that they have the main load, all muscles are included in the process muscle recovery, without exception. Even fingers and palms.

Abdominal muscles

Despite the fact that the load on the abdominal muscles is not so great, they still swing. You can increase the effect by doing leg raises during hanging.

Spine Disease Prevention

Also, pull-ups are a good prevention of diseases such as scoliosis and osteochondrosis. The main benefit is that during exercise blood circulation is normalized. All body tissues receive proper nutrition, the regeneration process is accelerated. The vessels and capillaries are restored.

Working muscles

The main load when pulling up on the horizontal bar is still in the hands. But it also affects some of the back muscles and even the abdominals. The muscles that work with pulling up are as follows:

  • Biceps
  • Triceps of the shoulder;
  • Deltoid muscles;
  • Brachioradial muscles;
  • Large round muscles;
  • Trapezius muscle;
  • Latissimus dorsi;
  • Jagged muscles.

Skeletal muscles are usually paired and are located symmetrically.

Types of exercises on the horizontal bar

Pullups can be divided into several types, according to the capture method:

  • Direct average grip;
  • Wide grip;
  • Narrow grip;
  • Reverse grip;
  • Grip along the horizontal bar.

For each of them, you can highlight your own characteristics.

Straight Mid Grip Pullups

medium grip pull

This grip is otherwise called “normal.” The classic way to pull yourself on the horizontal bar. It is good for raising the general tone and for developing muscles for your “home” needs.

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This is one of the safest options, because the entire load is distributed evenly.

And there are practically no factors that could cause injury. At the same time, the palms are turned away from oneself, the arms are located shoulder-width apart.

The muscles working when pulling with a direct grip: forearms, triceps, deltoid, trapezoid, latissimus, abdominal muscles.

Wide grip pull-ups

pulling wide grip on the crossbar photo

This grip can no longer be called so safe. It heavily loads the joints and ligaments. Moreover, it can be considered the most effective for pumping back muscles. The biceps at the same time practically fall out of work. Pulling up is due to the tension of the back muscles.

The palms are also turned away from themselves. But this time the arms are wider than the shoulders. The main load falls on the broadest muscles, but trapezius and round ones are also involved.

Tight grip pull-ups

narrow grip pull-up picture

A narrow grip is considered one of the easiest to handle. He is the first to be mastered by novice athletes .

Hands should be as close to each other as possible.

A small distance is also allowed, but not more than 10 cm. Otherwise, this can already be considered a pull-up average grip.

This time, the muscles working when pulling up are as follows: the broadest, deltoid and dentate muscles.

Reverse Grip Pulls

pulling back grip on the horizontal bar woman photo

It can also be called one of the simple and safe for joints and ligaments. It can be performed both narrow and medium, and wide grip (remains traumatic even in this case).

Hands in this case are turned to themselves. This position is quite comfortable and does not cause inconvenience.

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When performing this exercise, the following muscles are involved:

Narrow grip – biceps, trapezoid, jagged, widest.

Medium grip – biceps, chest muscles, serratus, trapezius latissimus.

Wide grip – biceps and shoulders.

Cross pull

transverse pull-ups on the horizontal bar photo

Compared to previous exercises, there is a significant difference. The crossbar during its execution is not along the body, but across.

You need to be sideways to the crossbar. Hands are placed one after another. When pulling the head will be on the side. It is most correct to alternate in the process of the party.

In this case, the muscles working when pulling up involve the muscles of the shoulders, dentate, and also the broadest.

Whichever option you choose for yourself, remember: any chronic diseases, especially during an exacerbation, are a contraindication. It is not recommended to engage if there has been a surgical intervention. Do not risk your health and choose the right activity for yourself.

And that’s all for me. Keep fit and strengthen your health ! I hope you learned something important from my advice! Do not forget to share the post in social networks, show it to friends and be sure to come back again! You will be welcome. See you again.