How to learn to jump rope

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Almost all people who want to stay slim and healthy already play sports, or want to choose something suitable for themselves. But with the latter there are difficulties. Yoga requires flexibility, fitness requires endurance, Pilates – patience, and all together – money.

But there is one way that perfectly cheers up, trains the heart and many muscles. This is jumping rope! And it is available to everyone, which is important.

How to learn to jump rope for beginners – the topic of this material! Here you will find important recommendations and lessons on basic techniques. By the way, they are suitable for both adults and a child.

Learn more about the benefits of this lesson.

A skipping rope is not only weight loss, but also many other wonderful effects. Here is a list of only the main ones:

  • the relief of your muscles (legs, hips, abs, buttocks) improves;
  • the body as a whole becomes much more resilient;
  • in the process of such training, a lot of calories are spent, therefore, overweight is lost;
  • A 15-minute workout burns as many as 200 calories;
  • coordination of movements improves, dexterity appears;
  • metabolism is significantly accelerated;
  • the vestibular apparatus develops;
  • breathing is trained, its rhythm improves;
  • the cardiovascular system improves .

See how many advantages in this lesson.

And the main plus – jumps with a skipping rope cheer up, and perfectly entertain! And they are available to absolutely everyone! A jump rope is inexpensive, and you can do it anywhere, even at home.

Important tips on the topic:

Here are the basic tips on how to learn to jump rope for beginners. I hope they provide you with security and performance:

  • It is advisable to start with a light warm-up (warming up, walking in place, swinging your legs), this will help the muscles to prepare for the loads;
  • so as not to get tired right away, the first 2-3 minutes should be slow jumps, then you can gradually increase the pace;
  • the first days of training it is better to limit 5-7 minutes, if before that your legs have not experienced serious stress;
  • try to “land” very gently, on your toes, so as not to get injured;
  • when you master all kinds of jumps, include them all in your lesson, so that it is not boring.

Learning to jump

1. Choose the length

Now, let’s look at the technique itself, how to learn how to jump on a skipping rope for beginners. And first we select the rope length convenient for ourselves. How to do it?

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To do this, stand with both legs in the middle of the rope, then grab the rope handles and pull them upright with both hands pull up on the horizontal bar for beginners.

At the same time, the rope handles should reach the level of the shoulders, as in the photo.

If the handles are above this level, then you should shorten the rope. Because it will be heavy and uncomfortable. If it is lower, then you need to lengthen it. Because a short jump requires an accelerated pace of jumps. And this is still difficult for a beginner.

2. Get used to the rope

side rotation of the rope, for beginners, picture

Before you learn to jump on a skipping rope, you should get used to it, especially to her whistle nearby, so as not to be afraid. It is also important to understand the technique of rotation of the rope with a brush and master it.

To do this, do the first exercise. We hold both handles of the rope in one hand and rotate it to the side of ourselves.

Keep your hand at such a height that the jump rope at the bottom point casually hits the ground. Rotation is done only with a brush. First, try to rotate. Then we rotate for a minute without a break. Then we change the hand (Fig. 2). When we can easily rotate the rope for 2-3 minutes with one and the other hand, we move on to the next exercise.

3.Jumping nearby

And you start to "feel" the rope

Everything is the same as in the second paragraph, only we add jumps to the rotation. They must be done every time you hear a characteristic hit of the rope on the ground during rotation.

What does this give? In this way, you develop consistency of movement.

When jumping, look straight ahead, do not try to keep track of the rope with your eyes. It only knocks you off the beat, you need to learn how to “feel” the rope. We carry out one minute for each side of rotation

Subsequently, you can complicate the exercise by jumping not in place, but forward or backward or changing legs. Gradually, your arms and legs learn to synchronize movements.

4. Separate jump rope

how to learn to jump on a skipping rope, starting position for beginners, picture

To this more complex form, proceed when it will be easy for you to perform the first two exercises. To do this, start a rope for ourselves. This can be done in two ways. Firstly, you can simply step over the rope. Secondly, wave it in a circular motion of the hands, above your head for yourself.

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Then stretch your arms forward while holding the rope handles. The bottom of the rope will touch your legs. With a sharp movement of the hands back, we throw the rope from top to front through ourselves, accelerate it, and at a lower point we make a low jump.

We look only ahead, in front of us and feel the moment when you need to make a jump. At first, we jump only once and start the rope again for ourselves. We do 10-20 repetitions. Then we make two rotations and jump twice, etc.

Basic techniques

learn to jump rope, technique, picture

The first lesson is basic jumps, on two legs.

Place your hands along the body, stand upright. Keep the rope at the level of your hips. Then swing it, and make jumps, starting from the pads of both feet. The knees are slightly bent. Do the jumps very low, 5-10 centimeters are enough.

When you master the simplest technique, move on to alternating. Start jumping just by alternating your legs. Everything else is the same. It will be like a simple step over the rope, but faster, and with jumps.


jumping rope crosswise picture

The “cross” method cannot be called overly complex. But he will nevertheless require some dexterity from you! When doing the exercise, alternate jumps and classic bouncing, but with arms crossed in front of you.

In this case, you should pass through the loop into which the rope turns. Such an exercise perfectly trains your coordination of movements, and also strengthens the vestibular apparatus.

Double jumps

The “double” method differs from the basic one only in that for one bounce you will have to scroll your rope twice. There is no special life hack in this technique! You just have to twist your rope faster, and jump higher.

It is quite difficult for beginners to do this, so go on to this technique after a good mastery of basic exercises. The process as a whole is much more intensive, requires greater returns, trained breathing.

The G8 Method

To jump eight, put your feet shoulder width apart. Holding the rope with both hands, draw a figure of eight in the air, with light and smooth movements, but across. First, from the right shoulder to the left thigh. Then – from the left shoulder to the right hip.

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At the same time, you should move your weight just as smoothly, from the right foot to the left, and vice versa, in time with the movement of the hands. Try to do the “eight” slowly first to adjust the process. And do this with caution, because the jump rope can hurt!

How to jump to lose weight?

Is it possible to lose weight in this way? Of course! Everything is quite simple here, you won’t have to study long. In the process of jumping, try to keep the body straight, in one position.

Jump not high, legs, wrists, and forearms should work. Start at a slow pace, and jump at least 10-15 minutes a day. Gradually increase your time. Soon you will begin to enjoy the process!

The story of my girlfriend

One of my friends (we have known each other since the first grades of the school) always suffered from her own fullness. She desperately tried to lose weight, periodically sat on diets, took on a variety of activities. But things didn’t go well with the latter: the gymnasium bored, in the dance studio Svetlana complexed, panted in fitness, on yoga seemed wooden to herself …

Sveta weaned at the university, already worked, but still could not – neither put up with her forms, nor lose weight normally. And then some smart man thought of her starting to jump on a skipping rope!

jumping rope for weight loss

She remembered how to jump rope just in one day. Since she loved to play this way in childhood.

And then – just fell in love with this thing! It was spring, and Sveta jumped on the asphalt near the house in the evenings.

Surprisingly, just jumping helped her lose weight, become noticeably slimmer and stronger, and also – to believe in herself.

Now you know several ways of jumping rope at once, including 2 basic techniques. Do not be lazy, do it daily or at least every other day. And then very soon you will feel incredible lightness, your movements will become more confident, your leg muscles – trained, and your body – plastic.

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