How to learn to do a climb with a coup on the horizontal bar from scratch and in a short time

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Greetings, dear readers! The coup-up is an exercise that is an excellent confirmation of the agility and physical strength of each person. Not every one of us is capable of making it, it must be recognized.

But, fortunately, no special magic is required to complete this element! It turns out that with due diligence and zeal, almost everyone can master it. Even a beginner in sports, or a fragile girl.

How to learn to do a climb with a coup on the horizontal bar from scratch? How long does it take to prepare for such a trick? Who shouldn’t do this and even try? You will receive detailed and interesting answers to these and other questions in this material!

By the way, both the Guinness record and the general world record for the “coup d’etat” element belong to the same person. This is the Russian athlete Denis Zalodnim. For 3 hours and 28 minutes, this amazing person was able to roll over on the horizontal bar as many as 1333 times, imagine ?!

Detailed exercise description

Below is described, including for beginners, how to do the up-turn correctly, in stages:

  1. The executor simply “hangs” qualitatively – he takes the bar with an average, direct and reliable grip.
  2. Then he begins to pull himself up. And when the tense arms are already bent under the straight, in a single impulse, raises his legs and torso up. Further pulling up already continues with a horizontal back and legs straightened up.
  3. Now – the coup itself. It must be done so that the legs are on the other side of the crossbar, and above it, while perfectly straight. At the same time, the legs will outweigh, dropping down, and the body under their weight to rise. As a result, the executor will be able to roll over beautifully. And it will be emphasized on the horizontal bar.

Pay attention to the frequent mistake of beginners! They first pull up, raising their chin to the bar. And then, in this position, they try to throw their legs through her. But this is only possible with good physical preparation.

In order to learn how to make a climb with a coup on the horizontal bar, the easiest way is to raise straight legs to the crossbar at the beginning of the upward movement. And at the same time pull the body to it.

how to learn how to make a climb with a coup on the horizontal bar, picture

What do you need to do this? If you have strong enough arms and hands.

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And you can catch up at least 5 times, you can try.

The main thing is to hold on tight so as not to fall. But inexperienced can not even try to do this.

To get started, just try to hang on the horizontal bar for 30-40 seconds. If this is beyond your power. Better not risk it!

And in one evening, if you are an unprepared person, you won’t master all this!

What muscle groups work?

So, the main load falls on such muscles :

  • muscles of the forearm;
  • muscle deltoid;
  • biceps muscle;
  • press;
  • thigh muscles
  • and the muscles of the back are the broadest.

Therefore, in order to make a normal “lift-turn”, you will have to strengthen all these muscles first. You will also need sufficient flexibility – in order to raise straight legs clearly up. And yet – a trained vestibular apparatus is needed.

After all, many fairly strong and developed athletes, after just a few coups, literally begin to feel dizzy.

Who should not do this and when?

Attention! Such “tricks” are intended only for trained people. Those who are sufficiently prepared and have enough strength. A list of contraindications is also available. And it is important to know it for everyone – both beginners and trained athletes. There he is:

  • distortions with pressure – increased or decreased;
  • migraines and headaches, as well as any head disease;
  • problems with coordination of movements;
  • injuries to the joints of the shoulder or elbow;
  • concussion;
  • poor vestibular apparatus;
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • brush injuries.

Lead exercises

how to learn how to make a climb with a coup on the horizontal bar, photo

To prepare your body for a coup lift, do the following exercises. At least every other day. And then you master the coup, and even in a short time.

It is possible that in 2 weeks, or in a month you will succeed!

Here they are, these preparatory exercises:

  • pull – ups – they are necessary, because pull-up is the most important component of an element, without it there is no way;
  • horizontal pull-ups,   similar to pull-ups
  • raising your legs in the hang, to the crossbar – you should raise your legs (ideally flat) to the crossbar, this perfectly trains the abs, arms and hips;
  • if you can’t even, lift your legs first, bent at the knees;
  • twisting – ordinary, on the floor, also train abs muscles;
  • stretching – leaning forward, with straight legs, and trying to put your palms on the floor;
  • exercises that give flexibility to hamstrings – it tilts forward while standing or sitting (rolling pin), and other various exercise stretching .
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The next stage of preparation, more serious, is pulling upside down. Grasp the bar, bend your legs and lift them to your chest. Then roll over, moving your legs up and your back down. And pull yourself up until your knees touch the horizontal bar.

In this case, the back will be in almost horizontal position. Thus, you practically train the technique of moving the first part of the lift with a flip.

Personal experience

I will also tell you my experience on how to learn how to do a turn-up climb on the horizontal bar from scratch. I first tried this exercise when I was in the sixth grade. At that time, I pulled myself ten times. But even that didn’t help me. The reason is a weak abs and hips. Just they didn’t let me throw my legs over the crossbar.

simple press exercise, picture

Finally, it was decided to do one simple exercise every morning. So, I lay on the floor. He rested his feet under the sofa. Then he lifted the body into a sitting position with his hands folded behind his head.

Then he sank to the supine position. And so he repeated at least 10 times.

Of course, at first it was difficult, an untrained press hurt. Hips ached. But after two weeks I was able to make as many as twenty such lifts (from a prone position to a sitting position).

In fact, this simple exercise trains not only the press. But it also stretches the muscles of the back and spine. Increasing its flexibility. Especially if rising to a sitting position, you still lean forward towards your knees. In addition, it stretches and hamstrings. Which then allows you to raise straight legs to the crossbar.

So, two weeks later I went to the crossbar. And the first time, pulling up the torso, he managed to throw straight legs through it. So it happened! Then, under the weight of my legs, I rolled over through the horizontal bar. This was my first coup d’etat.

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Rocking exercise

When everything has strengthened, you can try to make a simpler option – a coup with a buildup. Because this is easiest to do. “Clean” execution will be your next, final stage.

Here are your steps for this variation:

  • stand near the horizontal bar, jump and grab the bar, tightly;
  • now start swinging, trying to catch the inertia;
  • then lift your legs, by inertia, and actually throw them on the horizontal bar;
  • it remains to roll over, and this will make it easier.
how to learn how to make a climb with a coup on the horizontal bar from scratch, picture

Attention, about the problem! It happens that it turns out to throw your legs, but you can’t turn the torso over. To do this, bend your knees first. And your belt will be on the crossbar. Then straighten your legs completely, and at the same time make a moderate jerk with the body.

Thus, you will finally roll over.

When the “buildup” begins to work out for you without any problems, feel free to proceed to the usual “up-coup”. You will definitely succeed!

Uprising on low bar

how to learn to do a climb with a coup on the horizontal bar from scratch, photo

Another option is lifting with a coup on a low bar. Choose a relatively low crossbar. And such that, grasping it with bent hands, you freely stood on the ground. Grasp the horizontal bar with a direct secure grip.

Run away, push off from the ground and abruptly throw your legs through it. Such a coup d’état can well be mastered in one evening. However, you need to have a little bit of physical training.

My dear readers! You may not believe me, but lifting the coup on the crossbar is actually not a super difficult exercise. Because your diligence, patience combined with efforts, preparation and knowledge of technology is the arsenal that will definitely help you fulfill it! Even though you are new to this business or even a fragile girl.

So, now you know exactly how to learn how to do a coup on the horizontal bar. Then forward to development and self-realization. Dare, and success to you, dear readers!

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