Exercises for men, strong and healthy back after 40

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Today’s conversation will be more interesting to the stronger sex than to the ladies. Therefore, I will appeal primarily to them.

Historically, men have more physical labor than women, thereby exposing themselves to the risk of sprains, bruises and overstrain.

Two dangerous factors

At a young age, the load is felt less, and the body recovers faster. But over time, hard work is not the best way affects the spine. Usually, at the age of forty, back and lower back pains occur, and the inclinations cause discomfort. Efficiency decreases and quality of life decreases.

There is another factor that adversely affects the condition of the lower back and spine. Perhaps you already guessed? Of course – this is a sedentary work in a compartment with a sedentary lifestyle.

Is there really nothing you can do about it? I will answer: it is possible. Today I want to talk about how to keep fit and talk about back exercises for men.

Variety of exercises

There are many types of exercises: to relieve stress, to strengthen, to lose weight, therapeutic exercises – in short, for each there is something different. At will and according to indications. Moreover, in order to fulfill them, you do not need to immediately receive a subscription to the gym. Some exercises do not require special equipment and can be performed at home.

At home

As a workout

The simplest exercises are somewhat reminiscent of those that you did while exercising in kindergarten or at physical education classes at school. They can be used as a workout. These include:

  • Tilts of the head;
  • Body inclinations;
  • Circular motion with shoulders;
  • Circular movements with hands;
  • Circular movements of the hips;
  • Walking in place \ in a circle;
  • Running in place \ in a circle;
  • Sipping.


The main condition – do not aspire to heavy loads, do everything slowly and monitor your well-being. Do not exercise on a full stomach. If at some stage you feel pain, stop one exercise and move on to another. Their goal is to relax tense muscles. Classes should not cause pain or discomfort.

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Simple but effective

Performing head tilts do not make sudden movements. Gently tilt it to the right, left, forward and backward. So you use the muscles of the neck, head and make the cervical spine work.

Then go from head to shoulders. Gently lift them up and down a few times. Feel how the muscles work. When they are enough to stretch, make several circular motions forward and backward, alternating direction. Repeat several times, but do not get tired.

Having stretched your neck and shoulders, use your hands; do a few circular swings forward, and as many backward.

Place your feet shoulder-width apart and hands on your belt. Slowly and carefully lean forward, backward, and sideways. Do not lean too low right away; look at your back best exercises for the press. If there is no pain, you can lower the case below.

When the muscles are sufficiently stretched, put your legs together and lean forward, trying to reach your fingers to the floor without bending your knees.

When you finish this exercise, go around in a circle, keeping your back straight and raising your knees high. If there is not enough space, run on the spot. These exercises will help you stretch your back muscles.

When you’re done, relax: stretch and take a deep breath several times. While inhaling, stand on tiptoe and stretch your arms up, and lower as you exhale.

Additional exercises

A bridge is considered a good exercise to strengthen your back. It is performed lying on the floor. Lie straight, arms at the seams, bend your knees. Then gently lift your hips and pelvis off the floor and freeze in this position for a few seconds. Then rest and repeat, and so on several times.

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Squats will be helpful for the back. Keep your back straight while stretching and stretch your arms forward. If you feel confident enough, you can try to perform a “pistol”. These are the same squats, only one leg is bent and extended forward.

Contraindications for exercise:

  • Spinal injuries;
  • Chronic diseases (especially at the stage of exacerbation);
  • Problems with internal organs: heart, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels.
  • The presence of non-resorbed sutures in case of surgical intervention.


If you find it insufficient to exercise at home, you can use the gym. It has more space and opportunities for sports. It has all the necessary equipment. In the gym you will have the opportunity to engage with a trainer who will select the set of exercises for you that is right for you and will determine the load.

What exercises will you have the opportunity to do there?

  • Pull-ups on the horizontal bar;
  • Barbell
  • Exercises with dumbbells;
  • Traction of different types.

Horizontal bar

The horizontal bar is useful for the spine, because during the hang load is removed from it, it relaxes. With regular classes, pain syndromes pass, the intervertebral discs straighten and the back becomes more flexible. Classes on it have a beneficial effect in osteochondrosis.


Work with the bar requires caution. Its weight can be adjusted. If you are a beginner, do not take risks, do not immediately try to tackle the greater burden. After all, you want to strengthen your back, not tear yourself up! For this, loads are usually not required. Belt pulling is considered effective when you pull the barbell to your upper abdomen with a slight forward tilt.


As for dumbbells, they are just suitable for beginners. The plus is that you can deal with them at home – they do not take up much space and the exercises that are performed with them are quite simple. You can do the usual hand swings with them, described above.

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But there are a few traction exercises: for them, lean forward and lower your arms with dumbbells. For one you need to pull them to the body without changing their position, and for the other you need to spread your arms to the side. So you train the muscles of the back, and at the same time the arms.


The essence of traction exercises is that you need to pull blocks of different sizes – up, above, away from you, towards yourself. Working with them affects the condition of the muscles not only of the back, but also of the shoulders, arms and legs.

The most gentle method will be exercises with a special elastic band for fitness. She herself has virtually no weight, but her elasticity and strength allow her to effectively train and stretch her muscles.

However, do not forget that before you go to the gym, you must always consult a doctor. The trainer can choose a training program, and the doctor will evaluate the state of health and give a recommendation. You may find that some activities may not work for you for medical reasons.

Contraindications for visiting are generally the same as for homework.

And that’s all for me. I hope that you have learned from my advice something useful for yourself. I will try to help further than I can, and you read, remember, find answers to your questions. Share my post on social networks, show to friends and be sure to come back again. You will be welcome! All the best and see you soon!