Effective pull-up program for beginners on the horizontal bar

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Greetings, dear readers! Pull-ups are one of the most effective and at the same time difficult exercises. They are weighted by your weight. Only by pulling yourself on the horizontal bar, you can understand whether the strength of your muscles corresponds to body weight.

If you are one of those people who just hang on the horizontal bars, like pathetic pasta, but dream of learning to pull themselves up, at least a few times, this article is for you! If your result is only 1 time, you should also read this useful article!

Learning to pull up from level zero is not easy. Here you need preparation. From 1 time, you are unlikely to be able to pull yourself up if you did not pull yourself up before and did not engage in your form.

But if you master this, you will get “a load” with a lot of advantages: remove excess weight, build muscle, become more resilient, strengthen ligaments, improve joints, improve the condition of the spine.

How to do this? I will talk about this in detail here.

And now directly on how to properly pull up on the horizontal bar for beginners:

First of all, master the technique of “negative repetition”, i.e. Take up the position as if you had already completed the rise of the body. To do this, stand on a chair and hang in such a way that the chin is fixed above the bar. After that, perform a smooth descent of the torso with your legs under you. The optimal amount is 3-4 lifts during one approach. Then take a break so your muscles can rest
Another way to make body lifting a lot easier is to ask your partner to push you up.
To help gain experience in pull-ups, a special Gravitron simulator, which is a weight compensator, will help. It is equipped with weight blocks that “reduce” a person’s weight – which means that it’s much easier for him to perform body lifts

The correct pull-up technique:

Lift your torso with muscle strength, without inertia or jerking
At the top of the torso, the chin should be above the bar. Try to touch the crossbar with the lower chest
During lifting, your body must be placed strictly upright, do not tilt it back

Factors that may prevent a newbie from pulling up:

Overweight. The more fat in the human body, the more difficult it is for him to climb the bar
The weakness of auxiliary muscles. During training, it is necessary to strengthen not only the biceps and triceps. Pay attention to the development of the deltoid and radial muscle groups, because they, like the main ones, help to raise the body
Wrong technique. In this case, muscle groups, joints, and ligaments experience an extra load. As a result, the athlete is very tired but still does not get the desired result.

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How to understand that you are a beginner?

The program of pull-ups for beginners is designed for beginners! How to understand that you belong to this category? It’s simple. Try to catch up on the horizontal bar – after the most usual workout.

If you pulled yourself up 1 time, or could not do it at all – congratulations, you are the same newcomer! And you have an entry-level. And this means that this material, about starting from scratch – is just for you!

Attention! Contraindications to this program are back pain and excess weight.

And if everything is not so difficult with the second one – remove the weight to the norm, and you can start from 0. To normalize the weight, you should first of all pay attention to the excesses in nutrition and the use of water. Also, you need to choose physical exercises for yourself.

This can be jogging and running in place or jumping rope, as well as stretching exercises. But if your position is too neglected and it’s hard for you to even walk, then Nordic walking will be a great alternative for you. You can read about all these useful activities on this blog (click on the word turquoise).

It is not easy to remove difficulties with your back, and this is a clear contraindication to pull-ups.

Indeed, such a load can aggravate pain, and even lead to aggravation of disc hernia, and other serious problems.

No warm-up!

It will take up to 10 minutes to warm up. But it is necessary – so that you warm up your muscles and joints, they begin to eat more actively, and do not “come back” to us with muscle pain tomorrow, after such unusual and serious stresses. Here’s what the warm-up should include:

  1. Make the slopes to the side, but with a straight back. Pull your hand opposite the sloping side above your head. Your norm is 5 slopes in two directions.
  2. Make swings with straight arms, in the form of circular movements – forward and backward.
  3. Place your hands bent at the elbows at the level of your chest. Spread them smoothly to the side, initially just bent, then straight. Dilute 3 times. Excellent! Now repeat your divorces, but with the participation of the body, feeling the tension of the spinal muscles.
  4. Do the elbow type of flexion – intensely, with tension, but not sharply. First in front of your body. Then – spreading arms to the sides.
  5. Finally, rotate the brushes clockwise, then counterclockwise.
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That’s it, now you are ready for a real workout on the horizontal bar!

Where to begin?

Start not with attempts to pull yourself up, but with the usual hanging on the horizontal bar. Depending on body weight, it will be easier or harder to do. Start hanging for 15 seconds. Increase this time by 5 seconds optimally 1 time in 3 days. When you reach the time of hanging at 40 seconds, the rush hour has come – start trying to catch up.

But first, remember these rules:

  • always keep the case upright;
  • always rise and fall extremely smoothly, jerking is unacceptable and dangerous;
  • make sure that the lowering and lifting times do not differ;
  • tighten only with the strength of your muscles, do not sway to ease your task;
  • inhale rising and exhale lowering.

Program for the beautiful half of humanity

It’s no secret that pull-ups are more difficult for girls than for men. But nothing is impossible! The pull-up program for beginner girls includes routine attempts.

pull-up program for beginners, picture

Many well-known trainers recommend that girls use the partial repetition method. You just hang on the horizontal bar and make attempts to pull yourself up – tighten the muscles of the hands. Take 1 set of 6 reps. Take a rest and repeat. After 2-3 weeks, your arms will bend more. And by this time, the training course should consist of 4 approaches of 8 repetitions.

Continue, increasing the number of approaches until you succeed.

To make your task easier, you can turn to your man for help. Let him gently hold you by the legs, making it easier with every pull-up.

Also, I recommend trying horizontal pull-ups on a low bar.

Program for men

Men are initially in a better position. The arms and upper torso of men are usually stronger. Therefore, their training regimen will be more intense, and will consist of 4 weeks:

  1. In the first week, do full pull-ups with underweight. Use a stool, for example. And carry part of the weight on it – resting against bent legs. Do 8 reps and 3 sets, ideally daily.
  2. The second week – do half-pulls. Push off with your legs, hold on very tightly, and lift yourself up, as if you pulled yourself up. Hold your chin firmly on the bar and then lower yourself gently. Do it every day or every other day from 5 to 8 times, and 3 approaches.
  3. The third week – alternate pull-ups from the stool, and half-pulls. The day is one option, day is the second. At the same time, increase the repetition to 15-20.
  4. Hooray, it’s time for your full pull-ups! Your body is already accustomed to such a significant load, your hands have strengthened. Do as many full pull-ups as you overpower. This 2 or 3 is fine too. But alternate grip forward and reverse, on different days. perform heroically in 3 sets. Gradually add repetition when you feel you can. And then the repetitions will grow – up to 5 onwards.
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Universal method

Also, you can read the article on how I managed to teach my son to pull up from 0. I think this technique will be equally useful for both men and women.

A true elixir of youth!

Not so long ago, Aging Research Reviews, a scientific journal, published research data. Its authors argue: pull-ups (on the bars, horizontal bar, any) are effective prevention of aging, and the body, and the brain.

Pull-ups are more effective than stretching and even yoga. The explanation is simple – a similar load activates blood circulation. Both the brain and muscles receive a maximum of valuable utilities and oxygen. Everything is rejuvenated!

The brain also becomes a little less active. And pull-ups, as a serious exercise with a decent load, perfectly inhibits all these negative processes.

Stress caused by the load stimulates numerous growth factors, they no less actively activate satellite cells, unique muscle stem cells. Thanks to them, not only muscle tissue is actively regenerated, but also other damaged areas in our body that appeared due to aging. ”

Life story

And finally – a brief but instructive story. In my distant childhood, a boy Vanya studied in my class. He was the weakest and flimsy, against the rest of the boys. In physical education classes, he became a constant laughing stock, although he managed to do well in other subjects. Naturally, on the crossbar and horizontal bar, Vanya could not pull himself up.

Years passed, and I quite by accident met a former classmate in a shopping center. And I could not believe my eyes! He was already Ivan, a tall, strong man with beautiful muscles that stood out even under his jacket.

It turned out that Vanya began to study while studying at the university. And he began – with an ordinary horizontal bar, in his yard. And he got so involved that he gradually became the way he is now – healthy, beautiful, strong.