Back muscle exercises

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We have already examined the muscles of the back , and now let’s talk about the exercises themselves for the muscles of the back, this important part of the body that the weaker sex likes to call – a stone wall.

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Thrust on the lower block with two hands to the stomach

This exercise It is thought up for development of the lower part of lateral muscles. To do this, grab the handle while sitting, rest your feet so that they bend slightly at the knees. Lean forward with arms outstretched. At the same time, a slight pull in the lateral muscles of the back should be felt. It is necessary to be located at a certain distance from the counterweight so that it does not touch the floor at all. From the starting position, pull the handle towards you to touch the abdomen. Ideally, the back muscles should take the main load. While doing the exercise, bend the upper back a little back without touching the shoulder blades. In this case, the muscles of the lower section should not be involved. Touching the abdominal handle, you are in a straight position, not leaning back. Then return the handle to the starting point by pulling the lateral muscles again. In the process of returning, loosen the traction gradually,

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One-handed dumbbell pull

It develops the latitudinal and middle back muscles very effectively. It is recommended to alternate between a regular grip and a grip with the palm of the hand pointing toward the floor (pronounced grip). When the exercise is performed correctly , the latitudinal and large round muscles are maximally involved in the study best exercises for the press .

Dumbbell Deadlift
  • Stand on the bench with your knee – the thigh and lower leg should form a right angle. The housing must be at an angle of 45 ° with respect to the bench.
  • Take a dumbbell in the arm external to the bench, lean with your other hand.
  • The grip is made with the palm toward you. Before starting the exercise, relax your shoulder and lower your arm vertically.
  • As you inhale, pull the dumbbell up. Raise your elbow as high as possible when bending your arm.
  • Also use your shoulder to the maximum – this will provide an effective reduction of the entire back. Return to the starting position is carried out on exhalation.

Peak power should be in the initial phase of traction. With this approach, a clear amplitude of motion is obtained. Raise your shoulder without using the body. Only arm and shoulder should be involved in the work.

Wide grip pull up to touch the crossbar with the back of the head

Head Pulls Photo

A very effective exercise for the back muscles. It increases the latissimus dorsi, the upper back and gives the body a cone shape. Wide grip when pulling directly affects the development of the entire shoulder girdle. It has the maximum effect on the outer and upper segments of the latissimus dorsi, but at the same time also ensures their expansion at the top, stretching the shoulder blades.

  • Fix your hands on the crossbar with your usual grip, placing them as wide as possible.
  • Then do a series of pull-ups, touching the crossbar with the back of your neck.
  • This exercise requires a clear amplitude of execution. In order not to dangle your legs, you can fix them with a cross position.
  • Hold for a moment at the top, and then slowly lower yourself to your outstretched arms.

For some beginners who do not have the skills to perform exercises on the crossbar, this power training may seem difficult. For such people in the initial stages of training, quality compensation by quantity is allowed – a small number of pull-ups, but many approaches – up to 50.

Shoulder rotation with weights in the arms (full scar)

Exercise affects the growth of all the muscles of the shoulder girdle, but most of all on the trapezius muscle. Extremely heavy dumbbells will be required.

  • With dumbbells in hand, lower your shoulders to the starting position – as much as possible down and forward.
  • Then we raise our shoulders up, take them back and return to the starting position. Alternate the rotation of the shoulders in different directions.
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Body Extension (Hyperextension)

The development of straightening muscles in the lower back. To perform the exercise, you must use the bench to extend the torso.

Hyperextension photo
  • Lie down on her face.
  • Slip the heels under the stops for fastening.
  • For convenience, the hands can be joined behind the head or folded on the chest.
  • Bend as far forward and down. You should feel the stretching of the lower back muscles.
  • Bend further until the head is just above the buttocks.

In this case, do not raise the body too high, otherwise the main load may fall on the hip flexors.

Back muscle exercises